What is a Yonisphere™?They are the best of both worlds! Yonispheres™ combine the healing properties of Yoni eggs with the physical benefits of Ben Wa Balls.

The Yoni egg is an age-old physical and spiritual practice to maintain the health of the womb, feminine energy and sexuality. There are reflex points within the vaginal canal that reflect the entire body and organs.

Ben wa balls are the best and easiest way to exercise the PC muscles because the vagina is forced to flex in order to hold the balls inside. Additionally, when the muscles are flexed, it rushes blood to that area and can incite sexual arousal. Some women report that they are aroused constantly while wearing them.

Why use YoniSpheres ™?
Using a Yonisphere™ within the vaginal canal to do pelvic floor exercises and holding techniques will help to avoid incontinence, prolapse, vaginal dryness. They can provide ease in childbirth including decreased recovery time. Use of the Yonisphere™ and exercises reduce menstrual cramps, shorten and lighten menstrual cycles, increase fertility, stimulate the flow of hormones, enhance sexual energy and increase the libido.

Using the Yonisphere™ can prevent sagging of the organs (bladder, intestine, uterus, and rectum) by strengthening the muscles used to hold the vital organs in place. YoniSpheres™ are also helpful in peri-menopausal and menopausal women, as it increases the blood circulation improving vaginal elasticity lubrication. You benefit from the healing properties of the Yonisphere™ gem or crystal that you choose. Using healing crystals with intention can heal abuse, trauma, low self-esteem and clear stagnant energies. Yonispheres™ further the use of healing crystals for a more complete healing.
As a shape, the sphere symbolizes wholeness. It is an ancient, universal symbol that represents unity, completeness and infinity – the whole universe. Closely connected to the spiritual nature of our complete self, crystal or gemstone spheres help to bring out integrity, clear thinking, and a better union of body, mind and spirit.

Unlike the focused energy of a wand or egg shaped crystal, a ball emits energy in all directions equally by moving energy around and through the entire environment. Research has shown that gemstone’s shape profoundly affects the way it can express its energy—and thus its ability to deliver its healing properties. The ideal shape for a therapeutic gemstone is the sphere. Shaping a raw gemstone crystal into a sphere exponentially increases its ability to reach and heal the deepest energetic aspects of our being, where the root causes of disease and distress lie.

Therapeutic gemstone spheres radiate an energy that can affect all dimensions of our being, physical and subtle, and hence heal and transform us on multiple levels.

Yonispheres™ come in sizes extra small, small, medium and large. Those sold in pairs will generally be in the extra small size unless otherwise noted. They can be used individually or combined to reach desired results.