The Yoni Egg is an age-old physical and spiritual practice to main-tain the health of the womb, feminine energy and sexuality. There are reflex points within the vaginal canal that reflect the entire body and organs. By using a Yoni Egg within the vaginal canal to do pelvic floor exercises and holding techniques it will help to avoid incontinence, prolapse, vaginal dryness, difficulties in childbirth and will help decrease recovery time after childbirth. While using the Yoni Egg and the exercises reduce menstrual cramps, shorter and lighter menstrual cycles, increased fertility, stimulation for natural flow of hormones, enhanced sexual energy and libido.

Using the Yoni Egg can prevent sagging of the organs (bladder, intestine, uterus and rectum) which happen with aging. It works by strengthening the muscles used to hold the vital organs in place.

The Yoni Egg is also helpful in peri-menopausal and menopausal women,as it increases the blood circulation improving the vaginal elasticity and keeps the vagina lubricated. When you work with healing crystals you can work with intention to heal any abuses, traumas, low self-esteem and stagnant energies. The Yoni Egg furthers the use of healing crystals for a more complete healing. This is an intimate experience and you will come to identify your needs as well as have the power to manifest them. You can heal yourself, your womb and your Yoni!