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I Fall In Love With MySelf

When you are consciously working on yourself each day, each week, each month has a theme about the journey. Sometimes that theme is a color, a word, a mantra, an emotion, a movement or a song.


So for me, the color has been a deep Almandine Garnet Red. The movement is hanging up side down off the bed; feeling the blood rush and my neck releasing with every deep breath. It’s also been Forward Folds till I can touch my toes and breathing into my hamstrings. Today, the movement is standing on my tippy-toes and balancing.

The emotion has been a quietly elated, whispery joy of supported and protected fusion. It has been a road of discoveries so far this month. An exploration of ah-ha moments and small smiles. It’s okay to fall in love with yourself. It is a humble, heart warming, life giving hum to feel this kind of love for yourself. It radiates and fills the empty and lonely places in your world; in a way where forced intimacies cannot embrace you. 
 The theme for February 2016 has definitely been Self Love and building the Self up. I had a 20 minute session with an Intuitive Life Coach a few hours before Super Bowl 50 and truly was given many insights. In the processing of these insights I realized I need to stand in support of MYSELF first. I hold space and I support the goals of others but I have never stopped to give myself that same energy. At that moment everything shifted.

I need to be more supportive of myself. I can hold space for myself. My goals are important. My emotions are valid and I can be enough to soothe my own upsets. I stand for me. I protect and heal myself because I am valuable and love by my Self.

I hope for those who read this get inspired and write about their own epiphanies.

Self Care Wellness

I RECEIVED a lot of great energy and MESSAGES for my own Self-Care Work this weekend as I attended a weekend long Self-Care Wellness Workshop and then I watched a Periscope from China Mae Brooks that really tied it all together. So this is the Beginning Womb Journal Work for this week to further the Self Care Workshops.2016-01-19 22.30.03

Womb Journal Work
Take each word and the information about them and relate them to your life, energy and your current self care regiment. Then write how this speaks to you. Let it come in symbols, words, poems, drawings, doodles, colors… Let it flow out of you however you feel it but get it in your journal and really explore what it would feel, touch, taste, smell and sound like in your life. #SelfCare #SelfAwareness #FaceYourself #SelfLoveSkillz

Drawing in people into your life that can help you change some of your generational challenges around prosperity and the emotional triggers surrounding these challenges. This can come in many forms; like an assistant, accountant, teacher, coach… Just someone who changes the environment of what you are living versus what you want to bring in to yourself. Being one a MENTOR and sharing from YOUR overflow can also create this energy in your life.

This pertains to the PARENTING of YOURSELF. Looking at your needs as self from a PARENTING prospective. Learning to direct your actions so that YOURSELF is gaining the love, care and divine lessons to Build and Grow from. Using your appearance; the style in which you beautify YOURSELF. Allowing yourself to have and to be (root chakra stability). As a PARENT of YOURSELF really focusing on what YOURSELF as the child needs and providing it in constructive and transforming ways.

This is about trusting your instincts. This about accepting where you are and being able to see and add in what is needed. Identifying what will bring in balance to your life. Believing in yourself by not listening to others or being swayed because YOU know what is needed. Managing your energy and the energy you allow around you. Using your true self and gifts to EARN the prosperity that is there for you. Focusing on what is real and making time to KNOW yourself to make it happen for yourself.

Emotional Life:
This is about slowing down and not allowing the stress of your emotional responses take you away from your natural character. Watching for cues when you are allowing tension to put you in a heightened state where you are not even breathing fully. This is for situations where you are allowing the circumstances run you and dictate your emotions.

Change and transform the way you view REST. Check the way you are breathing in life. Allow yourself space and time before you react or respond in any situation. Don’t allow your Natural Self to be corrupted by tension. Come from a supported mind stance. Practice breathing in the support you need in every situation and breathing out the emanation of being fully supported. Teach yourself to LISTEN and to OBSERVE so that you are coming from a place of KNOWING and not REACTING.

Alright, alright Lovlies! Let’s get it all out in these journals. Please share what comes up for you!

Womb Fu

In Chinese culture a Fu is a charm or packet prepared that is imbued with good luck and protection for it’s owner. When we use the term Womb Fu we speak of the discipline and intensive work of connecting, healing, toning and strengthening of the Womb. A work like this is one of Self Love and Self Regulation. It is Self Love because you can no longer go on being disconnected to your womb due to the fact that for this process to begin you need to attune your intentions with your womb. It is Self Regulation because you must stay present in what emotions and feelings that are brought to the surface; expressing them and acknowledging what they are and why they were triggered. This is why journaling becomes so important during the process. So if we fuse the energetics of the Fu with our healing discipline Womb Fu we create a healing practice where we are protected and surrounded by positive energies to aide our transformation and breakthrough of Self. We become present to our own health and being.

If you are in a womb centered healing journey and you have not put forth the discipline or given yourself the permission to be transformed by it… It’s time to re-evaluate how to better support your journey. 


Sunstone Yoni Crystal

The Sunstone is the “Joyful Stone”. It is about first nurturing self to be service to others. It promotes Self-Acceptance and Creativity.

Healing Connection: It Harmonizes the Autonomic Nervous System, the Internal Organs, Strengthens MeThe Sunstone is the “Joyful Stone”. It is about first nurturing self to be service to others. It promotes Self-Acceptance and Creativity.tabolism, Digestion, Improves Blood Quality, Stabilizes Circulation, Aids Lower Body Ailments, Reproductive Organs, Stomach Ulcers, Prostate, Feet, Legs & Body Odor.

Emotional Healing: It is for Anxieties, Worries, Enthusiasm, Perseverance, Assertiveness, Antidepressant, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Phobias about the Dark, Phobias about Enclosed Spaces, Phobias in General, Fears & Grieving a Significant Other.

Metaphysical Influences: It Increases Synchronicity, Law of Attraction, Uncovers Talents, Provides Resources for Travel and Protects Against Energy Vampires.

Energetic Nuances: It is Vitalizing, Motivating, Warming, Encourages Harmony & Creates a Synergy with Self.

Mineralogy: Oligioclase feldspar. It is a product of lava and can be used within the Yoni for short periods of time. We recommend no more than 7 to 9 hours of use within the Yoni. It should be cleansed in the Full Moon and recharged in the Sun.

Silver Leaf Jasper Yoni Crystal

The Silver Leaf Jasper Yoni Crystal helps you find your truthful path in life. It grounds the Kundalini Line channels and system. It is the stone of “Natural Wisdom”. It eases sentient communication.
Healing Connection: It Boosts the Immune System, Restores Cellular Tissue, Urinary System, Lower Digestive System, Reproductive System Tissue Dysfunction, Mineral Assimilation, Liver, Gall Bladder, Soothes the Stomach & Physical Balance.
Emotional Healing: It Promotes Acceptance, Healing, Mental Clarity, Mental Function, Will Power, Sensitivity in Relationships, Tranquility, Comfort, Consolation, Gentle Endings, Contentment, Heals Emotional Tension, Awakens the Sense of Joy in Life, Inspires Joy & Emotional Balance.
Metaphysical Influences: It Provides Protection, Abundance, Protection for travelers, Meditative States & Protection from drowning.
Energetic Nuances: It is Grounding, an Earth Healer, Balancing as a Whole, Centering, a Feeling of Wholeness, Calm, Stability, Serenity, Nurturing, Solidity, Wellness & a Feeling of Being Cared for.
Mineralogy: Chalcedony, Quartz; Silicate. It is not as fragile as pure Quartz but can have some porous portions. This can be used within the Yoni for more than 24hours. Cleanse with Sea Salt and Running Water. When possible Rest in Earth and Recharge under the Full Moon.

Stromatolite Yoni Crystal

The Stromatolite promotes Adaptability, Creative Power, Soothes Nerves, The Love of Family & Community.

Healing Connection: It Cleanses the Connective Tissues, Cleanses the Intestines, Improves Intestinal Flora, Encourages Metabolism, Aids Elimination, Dissolves Abdominal Tensions, Supports the Nervous System and Fluid Flow.

Emotional Healing: It Instills Emotional Grounding, Alleviates Stress, Aids Emotional Turn Arounds, Encouragement and the Feeling of Safety and Security.

Metaphysical Influences: It Provides Past-Life Recall, Past Worlds, Shamanic Journeying, Regression, Meditation, Ancestry Work & Communication.

Energetic Nuances: It is Soothing, Mental Grounding, Perseverance, Decisiveness, Community, Love of Family Traditions and Love of Heritage.

Mineralogy: Sediment Formed by Silicic Algae. It is a fossil so short periods of use in the Yoni is recommended. So periods of 3 to 4 hours at a time is enough. Cleanse regularly and bury in the dirt when possible to recharge.

The Blue Obsidian Yoni Crystal

The Blue Obsidian Yoni Crystal encourages creativity and communication. It calms anger and frustration.

Healing Connection: It Enhances Fluids, Balances the Digestive System, Relieves Eye Problems, Aids Speech Issues, Alleviates Pain, Supports those with Alzheimer’s Disease, Calms those with Schizophrenia, Gives Clarity to those with Multiple Personality Confusion, Bedwetting and Immune System.

Emotional Healing: It Aids Directional Knowledge, Mental Grounding, Psychosis & Anxiety of any kind.

Metaphysical Influences: Aids Divination, Psychometric Gifts, Psychic Development, Intuitive Knowledge while Traveling, Protection, Transformation & Overall Self-Defense. It Deflects Negativity, Shields Against Negative Influences, Aids Telepathic Skills, Protection During Astral Travel and Opens the Aura.

Energetic Nuances: It Provides Relaxation, Meditative States, Clarity, Encourages Visions and Centering.

Mineralogy: Volcanic Glass, Iron with Magnesium Impurities. It is a fragile stone. It can be safe within the Yoni for more than 24hours. It can be cleansed as needed preferably under a Full or New Moon. Then recharged with sea salt and a day in the Sun.

The Rhodonite Yoni Crystal

The Rhodonite Yoni Crystal is the “Stone of Love”. It is a gentle flow of harmony and acceptance. It helps one to achieve it’s Greatest Potential. It aids in Rediscovering one’s Inner Gifts. It brings together truth and love in mutual acceptance. It is the supreme Emotional Balancer.

Healing Connection: It Relieves Itching from Insect Bites, Heals Cuts, Wounds, Muscles, Liver Detoxifier, Affects Bone Growth, Inflammation, Stimulates Fertility, Fine Tunes Auditory Vibrations for Better Hearing, Emphysema, Autoimmune Conditions, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Scar Tissue Development, Birth Marks, Skin Conditions, Lung Conditions, Speech, Disabilities & Alleviates Pain.

Emotional Healing: It is for Reoccurring Traumas, Heals the Mental Scars of a Violent Lover, Relieves the Pain of Unrequited Love, Increases Self-Assurance, Overcoming Feelings of Inadequacy, Heart Listening, Grief, Teaches one to Love One’s Self, Teaches one to Value One’s Own Company, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Releasing Emotional Burdens, Releasing Emotional Damages, Overcoming Issues of Abandonment, Betrayal, Self-Destruction, Co-Dependency & Abuse.

Metaphysical Influences: It Protects Against Online Predators, Promotes Transformation, Prevents Retaliation, Release, Wards off Negativity, Aids Past Life Healing & Encourages Tantric Union.

Energetic Nuances: It is Relaxing, Tranquil, Invites Positive Energies, Balances Yin & Yang, Radiates Gentle Love, Calm, Supportive, Energizes the Etheric Field & is Heart Centered. It Polarizes Feminine Energies: to attract warmth, kindness, acceptance, respect, honesty, joy, & peace within. It Polarizes Masculine Energies: to radiate outwardly through hope and generosity.

Mineralogy: Manganese inosilicate/chain silicate. Rhodonite is a hardy stone it can be used within the Yoni for more than 24 hours. Cleanse with Sea Salt and Running Water.

The Rose Quartz Yoni Crystal

The Rose Quartz Yoni Crystal make’s one aware of one’s own needs. Helps with emotional healing and sexual blockages.

Healing Connection: It is for the Heart, Circulation, Fertility in Women, Softens Skin, Post Natal Healing, Womb Issues, Headaches, Aids Chest Problems, Aids Lung Issues, Heals Kidneys, Heals Adrenals, Alleviates Vertigo, Healthy Flow of Fluids and Burns.

Emotional Healing: It is for Warmth, Love, Empathy, Directness, Sensitivity, Sensuality, Romance, Emotional Traumas, Post-Partum Depression, Forgiving Mistakes and Overcoming All Kinds of Abuse.

Metaphysical Influences: It works as a Protectection Against Unwanted Intrusion, Protection Against Gossip and Protection Against Accepting Blame.

Energetic Nuances: It brings awareness to situations that make you angry and/or impatient so that you can resolve any emotions or traumas. It is Unconditional Love, Relieves Emotional Distress, a Heart Chakra Stimulator, it Helps you Bond with a Newborn Baby, Reconciliation and it’s known as a Mothering Crystal. It helps you mother yourself.

Mineralogy: Silicon Dioxide; Quartz with Manganese impurities. This stone is fragile and porous. It can be worn for more than 24 hours as a Yoni Crystal. Rose Quartz needs to be cleansed regularly with running water and sea salt.

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