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Yoni Healing

The Vaginal Canal Breakdown: Werkin’ the Kegel u

This breaks the Vaginal Canal into sections. Keep in mind: the whole vaginal canal is a muscle. When you do the Yoni Crystal Practice you want to begin by strengthening each section independently. 
First Section: is the vaginal opening including the front of the vaginal canal. Using 10% of your strength slowly squeeze this section closed and inwards. This is a kegel.

Second Section: this is smack dab in the middle of the vaginal canal but most importantly this is the area where your vaginal canal is located. To fully orgasm or to experience orgasm you must awaken your g-spot. By strengthening and bringing your breath to the middle section of your vaginal canal, you begin to create sensation here. Using 15% of your strength slowly squeeze this section together and inwards. It is like touching one wall to the other than slowly release. This is a kegel for this section.

Third Section: this is the bottom of the vaginal canal which includes the opening of the cervix. Usually the first and third are easy to master. Using 10% of your strength slowly squeeze this section together, closed, and inwards. It will feel like touching one wall to the other and closing the opening of your cervix. This is a kegel for this section.

I offer more detailed instructions in my Yoni Guru Workshops in person and via video chat.

Aum the Yoni

You will use sound healing to heal your Yoni. Sound reaches beyond hearing and between worlds. You will use your own sounds to heal your Yoni.
1. Cup your hands and Om into them. 
2. Then hold them over your Yoni and let the energy seep into your Yoni to heal. 
3. Repeat until you feel complete.
Try other mantras.
OM is for universal attunement.
So Hum which means I Am That. It refers to all creation, the one Breathing us all.
Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung is for Sacred Healing. 

Ra = sun energy
Ma = moon energy
Da = earth energy
Sa = infinity, universal energy
Sa (repeated)
Say = the personal embodiment of Sa
So = the personal sense of merger with Sa
Hung = the Infinite, vibrating and real
Meaning = “I am Thou.” It can also mean, “the service of God is within me.“
Thank You is a powerful and simple mantra. A gratitude and appreciation energy. Divine Blessings and peace.
Creating your own Mantras to chant into your Yoni or Womb is healing and life changing. Chanting them with or over your loved ones creates a cycle of beautiful energy for you to attract back to yourself.

Comment below about the ones you’ve tried and how they made you feel. Please also share any Mantras you created specifically for your Yoni or Womb.

Sunstone Yoni Crystal

The Sunstone is the “Joyful Stone”. It is about first nurturing self to be service to others. It promotes Self-Acceptance and Creativity.

Healing Connection: It Harmonizes the Autonomic Nervous System, the Internal Organs, Strengthens MeThe Sunstone is the “Joyful Stone”. It is about first nurturing self to be service to others. It promotes Self-Acceptance and Creativity.tabolism, Digestion, Improves Blood Quality, Stabilizes Circulation, Aids Lower Body Ailments, Reproductive Organs, Stomach Ulcers, Prostate, Feet, Legs & Body Odor.

Emotional Healing: It is for Anxieties, Worries, Enthusiasm, Perseverance, Assertiveness, Antidepressant, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Phobias about the Dark, Phobias about Enclosed Spaces, Phobias in General, Fears & Grieving a Significant Other.

Metaphysical Influences: It Increases Synchronicity, Law of Attraction, Uncovers Talents, Provides Resources for Travel and Protects Against Energy Vampires.

Energetic Nuances: It is Vitalizing, Motivating, Warming, Encourages Harmony & Creates a Synergy with Self.

Mineralogy: Oligioclase feldspar. It is a product of lava and can be used within the Yoni for short periods of time. We recommend no more than 7 to 9 hours of use within the Yoni. It should be cleansed in the Full Moon and recharged in the Sun.

Silver Leaf Jasper Yoni Crystal

The Silver Leaf Jasper Yoni Crystal helps you find your truthful path in life. It grounds the Kundalini Line channels and system. It is the stone of “Natural Wisdom”. It eases sentient communication.
Healing Connection: It Boosts the Immune System, Restores Cellular Tissue, Urinary System, Lower Digestive System, Reproductive System Tissue Dysfunction, Mineral Assimilation, Liver, Gall Bladder, Soothes the Stomach & Physical Balance.
Emotional Healing: It Promotes Acceptance, Healing, Mental Clarity, Mental Function, Will Power, Sensitivity in Relationships, Tranquility, Comfort, Consolation, Gentle Endings, Contentment, Heals Emotional Tension, Awakens the Sense of Joy in Life, Inspires Joy & Emotional Balance.
Metaphysical Influences: It Provides Protection, Abundance, Protection for travelers, Meditative States & Protection from drowning.
Energetic Nuances: It is Grounding, an Earth Healer, Balancing as a Whole, Centering, a Feeling of Wholeness, Calm, Stability, Serenity, Nurturing, Solidity, Wellness & a Feeling of Being Cared for.
Mineralogy: Chalcedony, Quartz; Silicate. It is not as fragile as pure Quartz but can have some porous portions. This can be used within the Yoni for more than 24hours. Cleanse with Sea Salt and Running Water. When possible Rest in Earth and Recharge under the Full Moon.

Stromatolite Yoni Crystal

The Stromatolite promotes Adaptability, Creative Power, Soothes Nerves, The Love of Family & Community.

Healing Connection: It Cleanses the Connective Tissues, Cleanses the Intestines, Improves Intestinal Flora, Encourages Metabolism, Aids Elimination, Dissolves Abdominal Tensions, Supports the Nervous System and Fluid Flow.

Emotional Healing: It Instills Emotional Grounding, Alleviates Stress, Aids Emotional Turn Arounds, Encouragement and the Feeling of Safety and Security.

Metaphysical Influences: It Provides Past-Life Recall, Past Worlds, Shamanic Journeying, Regression, Meditation, Ancestry Work & Communication.

Energetic Nuances: It is Soothing, Mental Grounding, Perseverance, Decisiveness, Community, Love of Family Traditions and Love of Heritage.

Mineralogy: Sediment Formed by Silicic Algae. It is a fossil so short periods of use in the Yoni is recommended. So periods of 3 to 4 hours at a time is enough. Cleanse regularly and bury in the dirt when possible to recharge.

The Blue Obsidian Yoni Crystal

The Blue Obsidian Yoni Crystal encourages creativity and communication. It calms anger and frustration.

Healing Connection: It Enhances Fluids, Balances the Digestive System, Relieves Eye Problems, Aids Speech Issues, Alleviates Pain, Supports those with Alzheimer’s Disease, Calms those with Schizophrenia, Gives Clarity to those with Multiple Personality Confusion, Bedwetting and Immune System.

Emotional Healing: It Aids Directional Knowledge, Mental Grounding, Psychosis & Anxiety of any kind.

Metaphysical Influences: Aids Divination, Psychometric Gifts, Psychic Development, Intuitive Knowledge while Traveling, Protection, Transformation & Overall Self-Defense. It Deflects Negativity, Shields Against Negative Influences, Aids Telepathic Skills, Protection During Astral Travel and Opens the Aura.

Energetic Nuances: It Provides Relaxation, Meditative States, Clarity, Encourages Visions and Centering.

Mineralogy: Volcanic Glass, Iron with Magnesium Impurities. It is a fragile stone. It can be safe within the Yoni for more than 24hours. It can be cleansed as needed preferably under a Full or New Moon. Then recharged with sea salt and a day in the Sun.

The Rhodonite Yoni Crystal

The Rhodonite Yoni Crystal is the “Stone of Love”. It is a gentle flow of harmony and acceptance. It helps one to achieve it’s Greatest Potential. It aids in Rediscovering one’s Inner Gifts. It brings together truth and love in mutual acceptance. It is the supreme Emotional Balancer.

Healing Connection: It Relieves Itching from Insect Bites, Heals Cuts, Wounds, Muscles, Liver Detoxifier, Affects Bone Growth, Inflammation, Stimulates Fertility, Fine Tunes Auditory Vibrations for Better Hearing, Emphysema, Autoimmune Conditions, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Scar Tissue Development, Birth Marks, Skin Conditions, Lung Conditions, Speech, Disabilities & Alleviates Pain.

Emotional Healing: It is for Reoccurring Traumas, Heals the Mental Scars of a Violent Lover, Relieves the Pain of Unrequited Love, Increases Self-Assurance, Overcoming Feelings of Inadequacy, Heart Listening, Grief, Teaches one to Love One’s Self, Teaches one to Value One’s Own Company, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Releasing Emotional Burdens, Releasing Emotional Damages, Overcoming Issues of Abandonment, Betrayal, Self-Destruction, Co-Dependency & Abuse.

Metaphysical Influences: It Protects Against Online Predators, Promotes Transformation, Prevents Retaliation, Release, Wards off Negativity, Aids Past Life Healing & Encourages Tantric Union.

Energetic Nuances: It is Relaxing, Tranquil, Invites Positive Energies, Balances Yin & Yang, Radiates Gentle Love, Calm, Supportive, Energizes the Etheric Field & is Heart Centered. It Polarizes Feminine Energies: to attract warmth, kindness, acceptance, respect, honesty, joy, & peace within. It Polarizes Masculine Energies: to radiate outwardly through hope and generosity.

Mineralogy: Manganese inosilicate/chain silicate. Rhodonite is a hardy stone it can be used within the Yoni for more than 24 hours. Cleanse with Sea Salt and Running Water.

The Rose Quartz Yoni Crystal

The Rose Quartz Yoni Crystal make’s one aware of one’s own needs. Helps with emotional healing and sexual blockages.

Healing Connection: It is for the Heart, Circulation, Fertility in Women, Softens Skin, Post Natal Healing, Womb Issues, Headaches, Aids Chest Problems, Aids Lung Issues, Heals Kidneys, Heals Adrenals, Alleviates Vertigo, Healthy Flow of Fluids and Burns.

Emotional Healing: It is for Warmth, Love, Empathy, Directness, Sensitivity, Sensuality, Romance, Emotional Traumas, Post-Partum Depression, Forgiving Mistakes and Overcoming All Kinds of Abuse.

Metaphysical Influences: It works as a Protectection Against Unwanted Intrusion, Protection Against Gossip and Protection Against Accepting Blame.

Energetic Nuances: It brings awareness to situations that make you angry and/or impatient so that you can resolve any emotions or traumas. It is Unconditional Love, Relieves Emotional Distress, a Heart Chakra Stimulator, it Helps you Bond with a Newborn Baby, Reconciliation and it’s known as a Mothering Crystal. It helps you mother yourself.

Mineralogy: Silicon Dioxide; Quartz with Manganese impurities. This stone is fragile and porous. It can be worn for more than 24 hours as a Yoni Crystal. Rose Quartz needs to be cleansed regularly with running water and sea salt.

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