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Yoni Crystal Exercises

The Vaginal Canal Breakdown: Werkin’ the Kegel u

This breaks the Vaginal Canal into sections. Keep in mind: the whole vaginal canal is a muscle. When you do the Yoni Crystal Practice you want to begin by strengthening each section independently. 
First Section: is the vaginal opening including the front of the vaginal canal. Using 10% of your strength slowly squeeze this section closed and inwards. This is a kegel.

Second Section: this is smack dab in the middle of the vaginal canal but most importantly this is the area where your vaginal canal is located. To fully orgasm or to experience orgasm you must awaken your g-spot. By strengthening and bringing your breath to the middle section of your vaginal canal, you begin to create sensation here. Using 15% of your strength slowly squeeze this section together and inwards. It is like touching one wall to the other than slowly release. This is a kegel for this section.

Third Section: this is the bottom of the vaginal canal which includes the opening of the cervix. Usually the first and third are easy to master. Using 10% of your strength slowly squeeze this section together, closed, and inwards. It will feel like touching one wall to the other and closing the opening of your cervix. This is a kegel for this section.

I offer more detailed instructions in my Yoni Guru Workshops in person and via video chat.

The Honeysuckle

This is a great exercise to begin insertion of your Yoni Crystal for both Toning and creating sacred sexuality.

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This exercise is to create more connection between you and your vagina. It is to create a better awareness of sensations. If you are just beginning the Yoni Egg Practice, this is also the best way to begin the insertion of your Yoni Egg.
Begin this exercise laying down. You will insert your egg with the larger end first, at the edge of your Labia Minora.
slowly shift the egg in a circular motion until it rests at a comfortable angle.
1. Take a few deep slow breaths.
2. Allow your Yoni to suckle on the egg with each inhale and let your Yoni open with each exhale.
3. Once mastered, you will become aware of the suckling sensation. Visualize the suckling until you are sensitive enough to feel it.
1. Creates sensitivity in the Labia Minora.
2. Helps you to connect with your Yoni more intentionally.
3. Allows you…

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The Pulse

This exercise strengthens each muscle of the vaginal canal.

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The Pulse: the pulse is a fast method of kegels, it is much like doing the quick twitch method in weight training where you do the exercise in quick, smooth repetitions. Begin this exercise standing in a horse stance.
Below are strengthening exercises to isolate each section of the vaginal canal as well as the Anus. When we learn to isolate the muscles as we tone them we gain more control of the use of these muscles and have less occurrences of a Yoni Egg or Yoni Sphere coming out due to bowel movements. Take your time to master each section.
Top Vaginal Canal Muscles which include the Vaginal Opening
1. Tighten and relax this area as fast as you can.
2. The goal is to do one full contraction and release per second for 10 seconds, rest for 30 seconds and then begin again.
3. Repeat this exercise 3-5…

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The Lotus and The Pollen

This is a good way to insert a Yoni Crystal for Toning and Strengthening the vaginal canal.

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This Yoni Exercise is the perfect example of a slow method kegel. Please do not add this exercise to your daily practice until you have mastered the Pulse exercises and fully understand how to isolate the muscles of the the vaginal canal.

Begin this exercise laying on your back with your legs open and relaxed or with knees bent and feet touching in a modified butterfly pose. You will be using your Yoni Breathing for this exercise.
1. Slowly inhale, as you tighten all the vaginal muscles one by one with awareness to the count of 5.
2. Now exhale and visualize your vagina opening and blooming outward like the petals of a flower.
3. Visualize your Yoni Egg being lifted and displayed as you exhale and then lowered and hidden as you inhale.
4. Once you begin to master this exercise increase your inhaling and exhaling breaths until you can…

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