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Yoni and Womb Energetic Hygiene 

Energetic Hygiene: are methods to clear, cleanse, uplift, energize and/or refill your personal energy and the energy of an environment. Yoni and Womb Energetic Hygiene is similar: clear, cleanse, oxygenate, connect, energize, empower and refill the energy of your womb and yoni in a self-loving environment.
What are your methods of Energetic Hygiene for your womb and Yoni?

Aum the Yoni

You will use sound healing to heal your Yoni. Sound reaches beyond hearing and between worlds. You will use your own sounds to heal your Yoni.
1. Cup your hands and Om into them. 
2. Then hold them over your Yoni and let the energy seep into your Yoni to heal. 
3. Repeat until you feel complete.
Try other mantras.
OM is for universal attunement.
So Hum which means I Am That. It refers to all creation, the one Breathing us all.
Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung is for Sacred Healing. 

Ra = sun energy
Ma = moon energy
Da = earth energy
Sa = infinity, universal energy
Sa (repeated)
Say = the personal embodiment of Sa
So = the personal sense of merger with Sa
Hung = the Infinite, vibrating and real
Meaning = “I am Thou.” It can also mean, “the service of God is within me.“
Thank You is a powerful and simple mantra. A gratitude and appreciation energy. Divine Blessings and peace.
Creating your own Mantras to chant into your Yoni or Womb is healing and life changing. Chanting them with or over your loved ones creates a cycle of beautiful energy for you to attract back to yourself.

Comment below about the ones you’ve tried and how they made you feel. Please also share any Mantras you created specifically for your Yoni or Womb.

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