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Sacred Sexuality

Intentional Intercourse

As we begin to work with Yoni Crystals to heal our wombs and reconnect to our Yonis; we become more aware of our sacredness. 

Our sexual interactions now make us pause. We pause because now we have attuned our energies with our Yonis. We are building a new communication with our Yonis, where we are learning what we do and do not need for our Yonis. This also includes what we allow to penetrate our Sacred Temples sexually.

Please keep in mind that as you allow sexual penetration into your Yoni; touching your Womb; you are also accepting whatever that person has eaten, has drunk, their disposition, their energy and their emotions into your body at your most valuable and special places. Making your Yoni and Womb vulnerable to all of what this person is. Slow down, take your time to KNOW if the person you are inviting inside you is worthy of your gift of intimacy. This includes men and women.


Yoni Werk

What are the boundaries of your pussy? Do you have any? 

Comment below your answers so we can start putting some healthy pussy boundaries in place.

The Vaginal Canal Breakdown: Werkin’ the Kegel u

This breaks the Vaginal Canal into sections. Keep in mind: the whole vaginal canal is a muscle. When you do the Yoni Crystal Practice you want to begin by strengthening each section independently. 
First Section: is the vaginal opening including the front of the vaginal canal. Using 10% of your strength slowly squeeze this section closed and inwards. This is a kegel.

Second Section: this is smack dab in the middle of the vaginal canal but most importantly this is the area where your vaginal canal is located. To fully orgasm or to experience orgasm you must awaken your g-spot. By strengthening and bringing your breath to the middle section of your vaginal canal, you begin to create sensation here. Using 15% of your strength slowly squeeze this section together and inwards. It is like touching one wall to the other than slowly release. This is a kegel for this section.

Third Section: this is the bottom of the vaginal canal which includes the opening of the cervix. Usually the first and third are easy to master. Using 10% of your strength slowly squeeze this section together, closed, and inwards. It will feel like touching one wall to the other and closing the opening of your cervix. This is a kegel for this section.

I offer more detailed instructions in my Yoni Guru Workshops in person and via video chat.


Intimacy is like a spark. It charges the air. 

It draws you into a person’s interest. 

It is a deeper connection… many innuendos of eye, touch, full body language. 

It is sweetness on the tongue. 

At least that is what intimacy is for me.

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