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What are the boundaries of your pussy? Do you have any? 

Comment below your answers so we can start putting some healthy pussy boundaries in place.

Boundaries Are Keys to Your Kingdom

Creating Boundaries because I value myself. Boundaries: this is what is okay with me and this is what is not okay.

Boundaries must begin with personal space, then with friends and family, and finally work and business. 
Take this time to journal about the boundaries you are going to put in place for your Sacred Self.
Personal Space: 

Yoni Boundaries: 

1. You must be quality to be allowed inside of me.

2. Clean mouth and hands before we engage in intimate play.

3. I use skin care products that are toxic free and don’t irritate my Yoni.
Womb Boundaries:

1. I will only eat honey, natural sugar cane, or coconut sugar to sweeten my drinks. I will not use any refined sugars or allow foods in my body with excess sugars or preservatives. 

2. I will listen to what my Womb doesn’t need for nourishment.
Family and Friends:

1. I am only one person, I can only commit to one thing at time.

2. My time is valuable, if I help I need to have definitive time and date.
Work and Business:
1. These are my office hours.

2. Any work I take home must be completed by this time so I can spend time with my family.

The Importance of Journaling 

Journaling allows us to have a conversation with our unconscious while we are still awake. It creates a consecrated environment where we can work through our traumas, anger and losses. It is the perfect tool for getting to the root of why an emotion or feeling keeps coming up. Journaling reveals unhealthy or self-defeating patterns so that we can turn the corner and begin the real work of healing. 
Methods of Journaling can be:




Free writing



Voice Memos



Mixed Media
It can take on a mix of all these things and give you a sense of life. It is your journey of self-work. Delve into your thoughts and use all of the methods of journaling you are drawn to. With each facet of yourself you become present to and each tool of expression you learn, take them and make them your own. Step into your identity with strength and pride. Use your favorite techniques of journaling to enhance your Spiritual Practice. You are the master of your destiny and you control what your Spiritual Practice will be and its purpose.
What your Ink engages:
Blue Ink: for manifesting, dream work, strength, truth, peace, throat chakra activation
Black Ink: grounding, clearing, stability, purging malicious patterns, protection, cocooning, shielding, warming, primal, nurturing mother 
Red Ink: vitality, firmness, assertiveness, anti self-sabotage, repelling negative influences, boundary work, dissipating anger, sensual fire
Orange Ink: creation, discovery, sexual cultivation, fertility, womb healing, Yoni nurturing 
Gold Ink: Centering, empowering, discernment, energy assessing, aura programming
Pink Ink: wound healing, emotional healing, balancing yin and yang energies, heart balm, soothing, emotional de-stressing
Copper Ink: amplifying, igniting, inspiring, attuning energies
Silver Ink: celestial, downloading Spiritual messages, head clearing, head grounding
Purple Ink: intuition, addiction clearing, knowing, mental grounding, mental shielding, telepaths, calms the mind
Green Ink: heart healing, healing, breaking generational challenges, cord cutting, releasing, heart protection, energy warding, growth 
Brown Ink: nature attuning, acceptance, earthing, bones, alignment 
I will add to this list as Spirit provides. Please add your best practices with journaling and your experiences with different inks or writing techniques in the comments below.

Self Care Wellness

I RECEIVED a lot of great energy and MESSAGES for my own Self-Care Work this weekend as I attended a weekend long Self-Care Wellness Workshop and then I watched a Periscope from China Mae Brooks that really tied it all together. So this is the Beginning Womb Journal Work for this week to further the Self Care Workshops.2016-01-19 22.30.03

Womb Journal Work
Take each word and the information about them and relate them to your life, energy and your current self care regiment. Then write how this speaks to you. Let it come in symbols, words, poems, drawings, doodles, colors… Let it flow out of you however you feel it but get it in your journal and really explore what it would feel, touch, taste, smell and sound like in your life. #SelfCare #SelfAwareness #FaceYourself #SelfLoveSkillz

Drawing in people into your life that can help you change some of your generational challenges around prosperity and the emotional triggers surrounding these challenges. This can come in many forms; like an assistant, accountant, teacher, coach… Just someone who changes the environment of what you are living versus what you want to bring in to yourself. Being one a MENTOR and sharing from YOUR overflow can also create this energy in your life.

This pertains to the PARENTING of YOURSELF. Looking at your needs as self from a PARENTING prospective. Learning to direct your actions so that YOURSELF is gaining the love, care and divine lessons to Build and Grow from. Using your appearance; the style in which you beautify YOURSELF. Allowing yourself to have and to be (root chakra stability). As a PARENT of YOURSELF really focusing on what YOURSELF as the child needs and providing it in constructive and transforming ways.

This is about trusting your instincts. This about accepting where you are and being able to see and add in what is needed. Identifying what will bring in balance to your life. Believing in yourself by not listening to others or being swayed because YOU know what is needed. Managing your energy and the energy you allow around you. Using your true self and gifts to EARN the prosperity that is there for you. Focusing on what is real and making time to KNOW yourself to make it happen for yourself.

Emotional Life:
This is about slowing down and not allowing the stress of your emotional responses take you away from your natural character. Watching for cues when you are allowing tension to put you in a heightened state where you are not even breathing fully. This is for situations where you are allowing the circumstances run you and dictate your emotions.

Change and transform the way you view REST. Check the way you are breathing in life. Allow yourself space and time before you react or respond in any situation. Don’t allow your Natural Self to be corrupted by tension. Come from a supported mind stance. Practice breathing in the support you need in every situation and breathing out the emanation of being fully supported. Teach yourself to LISTEN and to OBSERVE so that you are coming from a place of KNOWING and not REACTING.

Alright, alright Lovlies! Let’s get it all out in these journals. Please share what comes up for you!

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