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I Am A Goddess

Aum the Yoni

You will use sound healing to heal your Yoni. Sound reaches beyond hearing and between worlds. You will use your own sounds to heal your Yoni.
1. Cup your hands and Om into them. 
2. Then hold them over your Yoni and let the energy seep into your Yoni to heal. 
3. Repeat until you feel complete.
Try other mantras.
OM is for universal attunement.
So Hum which means I Am That. It refers to all creation, the one Breathing us all.
Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung is for Sacred Healing. 

Ra = sun energy
Ma = moon energy
Da = earth energy
Sa = infinity, universal energy
Sa (repeated)
Say = the personal embodiment of Sa
So = the personal sense of merger with Sa
Hung = the Infinite, vibrating and real
Meaning = “I am Thou.” It can also mean, “the service of God is within me.“
Thank You is a powerful and simple mantra. A gratitude and appreciation energy. Divine Blessings and peace.
Creating your own Mantras to chant into your Yoni or Womb is healing and life changing. Chanting them with or over your loved ones creates a cycle of beautiful energy for you to attract back to yourself.

Comment below about the ones you’ve tried and how they made you feel. Please also share any Mantras you created specifically for your Yoni or Womb.

I Fall In Love With MySelf

When you are consciously working on yourself each day, each week, each month has a theme about the journey. Sometimes that theme is a color, a word, a mantra, an emotion, a movement or a song.


So for me, the color has been a deep Almandine Garnet Red. The movement is hanging up side down off the bed; feeling the blood rush and my neck releasing with every deep breath. It’s also been Forward Folds till I can touch my toes and breathing into my hamstrings. Today, the movement is standing on my tippy-toes and balancing.

The emotion has been a quietly elated, whispery joy of supported and protected fusion. It has been a road of discoveries so far this month. An exploration of ah-ha moments and small smiles. It’s okay to fall in love with yourself. It is a humble, heart warming, life giving hum to feel this kind of love for yourself. It radiates and fills the empty and lonely places in your world; in a way where forced intimacies cannot embrace you. 
 The theme for February 2016 has definitely been Self Love and building the Self up. I had a 20 minute session with an Intuitive Life Coach a few hours before Super Bowl 50 and truly was given many insights. In the processing of these insights I realized I need to stand in support of MYSELF first. I hold space and I support the goals of others but I have never stopped to give myself that same energy. At that moment everything shifted.

I need to be more supportive of myself. I can hold space for myself. My goals are important. My emotions are valid and I can be enough to soothe my own upsets. I stand for me. I protect and heal myself because I am valuable and love by my Self.

I hope for those who read this get inspired and write about their own epiphanies.

Self Care Wellness

I RECEIVED a lot of great energy and MESSAGES for my own Self-Care Work this weekend as I attended a weekend long Self-Care Wellness Workshop and then I watched a Periscope from China Mae Brooks that really tied it all together. So this is the Beginning Womb Journal Work for this week to further the Self Care Workshops.2016-01-19 22.30.03

Womb Journal Work
Take each word and the information about them and relate them to your life, energy and your current self care regiment. Then write how this speaks to you. Let it come in symbols, words, poems, drawings, doodles, colors… Let it flow out of you however you feel it but get it in your journal and really explore what it would feel, touch, taste, smell and sound like in your life. #SelfCare #SelfAwareness #FaceYourself #SelfLoveSkillz

Drawing in people into your life that can help you change some of your generational challenges around prosperity and the emotional triggers surrounding these challenges. This can come in many forms; like an assistant, accountant, teacher, coach… Just someone who changes the environment of what you are living versus what you want to bring in to yourself. Being one a MENTOR and sharing from YOUR overflow can also create this energy in your life.

This pertains to the PARENTING of YOURSELF. Looking at your needs as self from a PARENTING prospective. Learning to direct your actions so that YOURSELF is gaining the love, care and divine lessons to Build and Grow from. Using your appearance; the style in which you beautify YOURSELF. Allowing yourself to have and to be (root chakra stability). As a PARENT of YOURSELF really focusing on what YOURSELF as the child needs and providing it in constructive and transforming ways.

This is about trusting your instincts. This about accepting where you are and being able to see and add in what is needed. Identifying what will bring in balance to your life. Believing in yourself by not listening to others or being swayed because YOU know what is needed. Managing your energy and the energy you allow around you. Using your true self and gifts to EARN the prosperity that is there for you. Focusing on what is real and making time to KNOW yourself to make it happen for yourself.

Emotional Life:
This is about slowing down and not allowing the stress of your emotional responses take you away from your natural character. Watching for cues when you are allowing tension to put you in a heightened state where you are not even breathing fully. This is for situations where you are allowing the circumstances run you and dictate your emotions.

Change and transform the way you view REST. Check the way you are breathing in life. Allow yourself space and time before you react or respond in any situation. Don’t allow your Natural Self to be corrupted by tension. Come from a supported mind stance. Practice breathing in the support you need in every situation and breathing out the emanation of being fully supported. Teach yourself to LISTEN and to OBSERVE so that you are coming from a place of KNOWING and not REACTING.

Alright, alright Lovlies! Let’s get it all out in these journals. Please share what comes up for you!

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