Creating Boundaries because I value myself. Boundaries: this is what is okay with me and this is what is not okay.

Boundaries must begin with personal space, then with friends and family, and finally work and business. 
Take this time to journal about the boundaries you are going to put in place for your Sacred Self.
Personal Space: 

Yoni Boundaries: 

1. You must be quality to be allowed inside of me.

2. Clean mouth and hands before we engage in intimate play.

3. I use skin care products that are toxic free and don’t irritate my Yoni.
Womb Boundaries:

1. I will only eat honey, natural sugar cane, or coconut sugar to sweeten my drinks. I will not use any refined sugars or allow foods in my body with excess sugars or preservatives. 

2. I will listen to what my Womb doesn’t need for nourishment.
Family and Friends:

1. I am only one person, I can only commit to one thing at time.

2. My time is valuable, if I help I need to have definitive time and date.
Work and Business:
1. These are my office hours.

2. Any work I take home must be completed by this time so I can spend time with my family.