Journaling allows us to have a conversation with our unconscious while we are still awake. It creates a consecrated environment where we can work through our traumas, anger and losses. It is the perfect tool for getting to the root of why an emotion or feeling keeps coming up. Journaling reveals unhealthy or self-defeating patterns so that we can turn the corner and begin the real work of healing. 
Methods of Journaling can be:




Free writing



Voice Memos



Mixed Media
It can take on a mix of all these things and give you a sense of life. It is your journey of self-work. Delve into your thoughts and use all of the methods of journaling you are drawn to. With each facet of yourself you become present to and each tool of expression you learn, take them and make them your own. Step into your identity with strength and pride. Use your favorite techniques of journaling to enhance your Spiritual Practice. You are the master of your destiny and you control what your Spiritual Practice will be and its purpose.
What your Ink engages:
Blue Ink: for manifesting, dream work, strength, truth, peace, throat chakra activation
Black Ink: grounding, clearing, stability, purging malicious patterns, protection, cocooning, shielding, warming, primal, nurturing mother 
Red Ink: vitality, firmness, assertiveness, anti self-sabotage, repelling negative influences, boundary work, dissipating anger, sensual fire
Orange Ink: creation, discovery, sexual cultivation, fertility, womb healing, Yoni nurturing 
Gold Ink: Centering, empowering, discernment, energy assessing, aura programming
Pink Ink: wound healing, emotional healing, balancing yin and yang energies, heart balm, soothing, emotional de-stressing
Copper Ink: amplifying, igniting, inspiring, attuning energies
Silver Ink: celestial, downloading Spiritual messages, head clearing, head grounding
Purple Ink: intuition, addiction clearing, knowing, mental grounding, mental shielding, telepaths, calms the mind
Green Ink: heart healing, healing, breaking generational challenges, cord cutting, releasing, heart protection, energy warding, growth 
Brown Ink: nature attuning, acceptance, earthing, bones, alignment 
I will add to this list as Spirit provides. Please add your best practices with journaling and your experiences with different inks or writing techniques in the comments below.