When you are consciously working on yourself each day, each week, each month has a theme about the journey. Sometimes that theme is a color, a word, a mantra, an emotion, a movement or a song.


So for me, the color has been a deep Almandine Garnet Red. The movement is hanging up side down off the bed; feeling the blood rush and my neck releasing with every deep breath. It’s also been Forward Folds till I can touch my toes and breathing into my hamstrings. Today, the movement is standing on my tippy-toes and balancing.

The emotion has been a quietly elated, whispery joy of supported and protected fusion. It has been a road of discoveries so far this month. An exploration of ah-ha moments and small smiles. It’s okay to fall in love with yourself. It is a humble, heart warming, life giving hum to feel this kind of love for yourself. It radiates and fills the empty and lonely places in your world; in a way where forced intimacies cannot embrace you. 
 The theme for February 2016 has definitely been Self Love and building the Self up. I had a 20 minute session with an Intuitive Life Coach a few hours before Super Bowl 50 and truly was given many insights. In the processing of these insights I realized I need to stand in support of MYSELF first. I hold space and I support the goals of others but I have never stopped to give myself that same energy. At that moment everything shifted.

I need to be more supportive of myself. I can hold space for myself. My goals are important. My emotions are valid and I can be enough to soothe my own upsets. I stand for me. I protect and heal myself because I am valuable and love by my Self.

I hope for those who read this get inspired and write about their own epiphanies.