In Chinese culture a Fu is a charm or packet prepared that is imbued with good luck and protection for it’s owner. When we use the term Womb Fu we speak of the discipline and intensive work of connecting, healing, toning and strengthening of the Womb. A work like this is one of Self Love and Self Regulation. It is Self Love because you can no longer go on being disconnected to your womb due to the fact that for this process to begin you need to attune your intentions with your womb. It is Self Regulation because you must stay present in what emotions and feelings that are brought to the surface; expressing them and acknowledging what they are and why they were triggered. This is why journaling becomes so important during the process. So if we fuse the energetics of the Fu with our healing discipline Womb Fu we create a healing practice where we are protected and surrounded by positive energies to aide our transformation and breakthrough of Self. We become present to our own health and being.

If you are in a womb centered healing journey and you have not put forth the discipline or given yourself the permission to be transformed by it… It’s time to re-evaluate how to better support your journey.